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Short Courses

Selling skills

Advanced selling skills

NLP in sales

Sales management

Customer experience management

Presenting with impact/public speaking

Introduction to leadership/supervisor (team level)

Effective communication (e.g. inter-departmental)

High Performance Teams (culture and operation)

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in business

Handling Confrontation

Short Courses available as a 1 or 2 day program

Prices include quality handout materials, lunch and refreshments


1 day     £415/delegate

2 days   £795/delegate

Supervisory Leadership Development Program

From £9,000 inclusive cost for up to 10 people

Monthly workshops and coursework, run over a 6 month period, includes all materials and bespoke situational analysis. This program is aimed at developing managers and supervisors to become an inspirational leader within the organisation, thereby retaining staff and developing progression. “Train to Stay!”

Introduction to leadership

Situational and functional leadership

Effective communications

Motivating performance

High performance teams

Review, assessments, individual presentations, action plans

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